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Paying Your State Fees:

Paying your fee or fees to the state can be an intimidating process. We are proud to say that our team at Moral Medical Justification is highly familiar with the website and can assist you with any part of the process. This portion of the website is dedicated to those who are confident enough in their technical capabilities to complete the process on their own. See the bulleted list below for an abbreviated walk-through:

  1. The first step is to navigate to the login page for the state website. Simply click on this link or copy and paste it in a new tab of your browser:


   2. This page will ask you for an email and password in order to login. The email will be the one provided to MMJ staff on the day of your most recent visit. If the email has changed, alert our office by phone. If the password is not remembered, simply click on "Reset Password," type the email in the box provided and it will send reset instructions to the inbox.

    3. Once logged in to the account, you will see an image of your patient card. Underneath the image, you will see the option to "Renew Card." Click that option.

    4. Once clicked, the site will lead you through the process of entering your payment information. Either a debit or credit card.

    5. Once payment is entered and received, the patient's dashboard will display an message regarding the successful payment. The front of the card will also display an updated expiration date.

Notice: State fees can only be payed when there is an active recommendation of 90+ days from the physician.

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