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Our Team

Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is here to answer your questions regarding medical records, medical marijuana cards, types of medical cannabis, Ohio dispensaries, and any other questions you may have. 

Call (440) 510-8470


9:30 A.M.-5 P.M.

Doctor BJ. Sidari, D.O., CTR

  • Dr. Sidari was one of the first physicians in Ohio to qualify patients for cannabis.

  • She has been qualifying patients since 2016.

  • In 1994 she graduated from the Mayo Clinic, Family Medicine Residency.

BJ Wall.jpg
  • At the Mayo Clinic and in over 30 years of practicing medicine, she has yet to witness a medicine as phenomenal as medical cannabis.

Beckie, Office Manager
  • Handles intake information

  • Answers questions regarding registration

  • Prints and laminates medical cards

Chris, Office Administrator

  • Provides general education on  cannabis science and related products

  • Assists with any issues regarding OMMCP

  • Is able to make cannabis product recommendations based upon patient needs

MMJ is in the news! Read about us: 


Over 30 years of medical practice, including Residency at Mayo Clinic. Qualifying patients for Medical Cannabis since October 2016.

Patient Centered/Confidential

Face to face consultations, Monday-Friday, early morning, late hours, and Saturdays upon patient request, all records kept confidential on premises.

Fully Certified

Dr. BJ. Sidari, D.O., CTR, an Ohio State licensed physician in Family Practice, qualified to treat patients from newborn to geriatrics.

Honesty, Integrity, & Compassion

Our medical practice is based on moral values with a strict adherence to client confidentiality and state law.

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